Our Vision

According to data from McKinsey’s FashionScope, India’s fashion market will be worth $59.3 billion by 2022, making it the sixth largest in the world, at par with the U.K. and Germany. The average consumer bought 60% more clothes in 2014 than in 2000 but three in five garments end in a landfill within a year they are made.


The fashion industry produces 20 % of global wastewater and 10% of global carbon emissions - more than all international flights and maritime shipping. Textile dying is the second largest polluter of water globally. A basic pair of denim requires over 7000 liters water and a t-shirt over 2500 liters of water. It also exploits human resources; textile labors usually work in unsafe conditions for long hours without proper wages. Even after this much consumption of resources, an average piece of clothing is worn just 7 times.


We realized that there is an increasing amount of post-consumer textile waste that is generated in India but we lack the channels to deal with them. We wish to save as many clothes from landfill as possible, reduce the usage of raw material and help to increase the life-cycle of an outfit.

Our Approach

Punah or “ पुनः” translates as ‘afresh’ which means in a new or different way.


We aim to provide a service for the consumer to give a second life to your clothes and let you add a personal touch to them. We are a big supporter of sustainable fashion and fair trade. Every piece is not only restored and repaired but also upcycled with the help of artisans. We take inputs directly from customers and use a lot of textile handicraft to revamp each and every outfit. Unlike fast fashion brands who make everything in bulk, we promise you that you will own one of a kind product.

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