The Side-effects of Fast Fashion

Fast fashion brands are inexpensive clothing brands that produce garments rapidly in response to the latest trends. They launch new collections every two weeks which cover several trends. These low-cost clothing inspired by high-cost luxury trends have small turnaround time from runway to the time they hit the shelves. With this, fast fashion companies have started making a limited quantity of a particular outfit which creates higher demand. On top of it, there are frequent discounted sales where the outfits are discounted further. All these outfits are extremely cheap so the customer does not even think twice before discarding them. These clothes do not last long as manufacturers often compromise with the quality and they are more prone to damage.

Fast fashion harms the environment as it not only pollutes water and other resources at different stages of production but also increases the carbon footprint as it travels through lots of places before it reaches your closet. It also exploits cheap labours which are mostly women who work at really cheap wages at these unsafe sweatshops located in low-income countries like Bangladesh, China, and India. So the reason you get these products are throw-away prices because of the cheap fabric used and the unfair wage system. A documentary by Andrew Morgan, “The True Cost” focuses on the truth of fashion industries and working of sweatshops.

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