The 5 R’s of Sustainability

1. Refuse

Refusing is all about saying no to impulsive purchases and to brands that are wholly unethical. Just because an item is cheap or trendy, doesn't mean you should buy it. Before buying anything new, look into your closet and see if you really need it. Also, try to find out how ethically are those outfit made.

2. Reduce

Eco-friendly fashion should be about reducing fashion consumption which means buying less and purchasing only what you need in good quality which will last you longer. In order to make up for the resources used in production, you should wear an outfit at least 30 times. So unless you can do that with an item, don’t buy it. Reducing also means to declutter your wardrobe daily and take out the outfits which you don’t wear anymore.

3. Recycle

One of the easiest ways to reduce your waste is to recycle. Recycling is one way you can reduce landfill contributions. By recycling, we mean doing anything but throwing them away or giving them to charity. Even a lot of those clothes we donate end up in landfills. By finding another way to use a garment and changing it into something completely new like a bag or cushion cover, you can recycle it to its fullest.

4. Repair

While decluttering you may find an item which might have some small issues like missing button, a small hole or might be simply a size smaller for you. In such cases try to invest some time and fix them in-house in the first place. If not try to get some help. Here at Punah, we try our level best to fix repairs as much as possible by using multiple techniques like patchwork or embroidery.

5. Reinvent

Reinventing your wardrobe goes hand in hand with buying less, or perhaps it is the outcome of buying less. The idea of upcycling an outfit into something purely new is simply amazing. Not only one will end up with a new outfit but also prevent it from going into landfill and increase the life cycle of the outfit. We at Punah have expertise in reinventing your outfits and give them a new and customised look.

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