At Punah we use different techniques to upgrade and restore your outfits. We try to work with local artisans and provide them fair wages. We also keep adding different techniques to provide you with more options. These techniques can be used individually as well as in combination with other techniques or as subtle details. For example, we can tie-dye fabric and patch it or we can do embroidery on a surface which is painted. Here are some techniques we tried on a swatch which we are working with currently.

| Color |

Good ol’ splash of color on your jacket or hand painted words, we can do it all for you.

| Embroidery |

We love to play with different embroidery techniques which are excellent for small details as well as for full body embroidery.

| Conceal |

Resisting or masking is a technique where a part is concealed and other parts are colored or dyed. It creates an interesting negative space.

Color 1.jpg



| Printing |

Screen print, block print, screen print.

| Decolor |

Decoloring or removing a color from a surface is another fun way to change the look of an outfit.

| Patch |

Patches are fun and interesting to restore the outfit with. From tone on tone patch to jazzy funky patches, it will give outfits a new life.

| Restore |

Repairing an outfit can be done in several ways. We can either try and hide it or enhance it.

Color 1.jpg



| Tie Dye |

Resist dye technique.

If you have any other application in mind, let us know here