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Welcome to Punah:, where luxury meets art and upcycling. Punah: or “पुनः” translates to ‘afresh,’ embodying our dedication to sustainable, artistic fashion. Based in India and Canada, Punah: transforms rescued fabrics and trims into high-end, wearable art. Each piece is hand-embellished by our founder, Aashita Jain, an upcycling artist crafting unique garments.

Our mission is to create story-based, luxury pieces that captivate while promoting sustainability. Our designs are well-finished and intricately detailed, featuring materials sourced from India. Specializing in upcycled clothing, every creation is unique and environmentally friendly.

Since our inception five years ago, we’ve saved over 1300 kilograms of textile waste from landfills. We offer exclusive collections reflecting our ethos of sustainability and elegance. Our marketing is minimalistic and story-based, aligning with our philosophy of simplicity and sophistication.

Join us at Punah: and be part of a movement where every garment tells a story, and every purchase makes a difference.

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